Chetachi Nwaogazi


Chetachi Nwaogazi lives in Sydney, Australia and is of Torres Strait Islander and Nigerian heritage. He is very excited to make his professional debut in The Bodyguard, sharing the stage with such an incredible cast. Inspired by family and relatives, Chetachi has been immersed in a culture rich in dance, singing and cultural tradition and celebration. Many of his adult role models and teachers are graduates of The National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) Dance College and Australia’s Internationally renowned Bangarra Dance Theatre. He is a member of Urban Zenadth Kes TSI Dance Group and the Sydney Catholic Schools Performing Arts dance ensemble where he hopes to further train and develop skills and techniques. Chetachi’s Indigenous culture is a very important influence in his life and, especially, his dance. His dream is to continue to pursue a career in professional dance and follow his spirit wherever it may lead him.